Red Ahead

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What is the Red Ahead program?

The Red Ahead program is a comprehensive initiative for maintaining, modernizing, and expanding Chicago’s most-traveled rail line. The program includes three major improvement projects on the Red and Purple Lines between Linden terminal on the north and the proposed 130th Street terminal on the south. All three projects are mutually beneficial; an improvement in one area of the Red Line benefits the entire Red Line.

In addition, the Red Ahead program includes several individual projects, including the renovation of several individual stations along the Red Line.

From Linden to 130th

  • Over 240,000 CTA riders on an average weekday currently enter the system at stations in this corridor 
    • This represents over 40% of all current CTA rail station entries 
  • Improvements would attract thousands in additional average weekday station entries 
    • ~26 miles long 
    • ~5 miles would be added by the extension
  • 41 existing stations
    • 4 stations would be added by the extension

What projects are included in the Red Ahead program?

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